Before leaving my previous employer we had a family vacation planned to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday, so the job hunt went on hold at least partially for five days.  It’s always nice to see family and when it includes 70 degree + weather including one day that topped 80 leaving the winter behind in Minnesota wasn’t too tough. I must admit Palm Desert California is an amazing place to visit in the dead of winter. I Spent day one back in Saint Paul with Colson which was a treat.  Heck he even slept in and took a full two hour nap which allowed me to get some work done.  I made an awful meatloaf that Kris swears was good, at least the mashed potatoes were decent.  Now I am back at my local Caribou again looking online for that perfect job!  I figured I would take a quick break to update this blog which so far only spammers are visiting.  So as a result I installed Akismet and we will see how that works to stop the SPAM.  On the WordPress front I did update WordPress for Multisite the other day. I have a few other blog site ideas one a domain I have been sitting on for years and another I purchased late last week and supposedly Multisite will allow me to build them all under one WordPress install.

Cheers for now!