New Found Free Time?

So much for that new found free time!  Day one of the job search went well, I reached out to some contacts and I’ve finally updated my resume.  They always say you should keep your resume up to date but what fun would that be. There’s no challenge in that now is there.  Today was day two of the job search and also my first day having Colson home with me. We’ve scaled back his daycare just a little while I find my next exciting challenge.  So he will be home with me a couple of days a week until then.  It’s awesome spending the extra time with him but I was banking on his nap time to apply for a couple of jobs I found last night and to update Twitter and possibly even work on this site.  I spent some time with WordPress a year or so ago and figured this would be a good time to give it another go.  I started out out with a template I found and eventually would like to build by own in due time.  I might have to brush on my CSS a little as that’s not something I have been using every day as a Project Manager.  Well cheers for now it seems my nephew has a cross country ski race at Como and I should cherish these days while I have them.