Whole30 Day 7 – What do you miss

7daysHaving done the Whole30 before I think in most cases it allowed me to know what to expect. We spent NYE with friends enjoying excellent Craft Beer, plenty of cheese and pretty much everything else you can’t eat or drink during these 30 days. Unlike friends I know who are planning to eat healthier in 2016 we didn’t take one more day on January 1st, we jumped in headfirst.

So far these are the things I’m missing and/or the obstacles I’ve faced:

  • My weekly bagel that recently had become my every morning bagel. Obviously I don’t need a bagel every morning but it was something easy and rather inexpensive to grab each day.
  • My once to twice weekly lunch at Chipotle. Actually maybe this is a blessing in disguise given their current issues. I generally do a bowl here but I’m not a huge fan of the salads so I’ll likely skip this for homemade options.
  • The candy on our admin assistants desk. It’s still there but I can no longer grab it which is easier each day I walk by it.
  • Beer. Not so much the beer itself, I don’t crave alcohol but I do like the social aspect especially in our neighborhood. Of course you can hang out without a beer it’s just odd going to a restaurant to watch football and only ordering water. Pretty sure I’ll do it though.
  • The breaks from my desk to grab $6 over priced salted caramel mochas from Starbucks. I actually don’t miss the expense and my body so far is very happy without the calories. I still grab my black iced coffee there because I like the people and the mental break it provides.
  • Cheese & Triscuits. Sadly this was one of my favorite late night snack and it wasn’t a healthy one at all.

As I discussed with my wife the other day I’d gradually gone back to all of my bad habits and more from before we initially did the Whole30. I was drinking multiple sodas, grabbing snacks I didn’t need and often eating just to eat or out pure boredom or stress. It’s hard to admit that publicly but it’s where I was at.

Again long term my goal is to be healthy for me and for my family. I’m not giving up pizza, beer and cheese for life but I’m going to be a healthier person so I can be around for my family.


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 7 – What do you miss”

  1. Keep plugging away man. The changes take time to become new habits. I’m doing a second round this month too because I had started eating too much ice cream and hitting the donut shop after runs too often. It’s worth it tho. New habits make moderation easier. You’re doing great!

  2. I ve been thinking about that too- what rules I want to institute when I finish the 30 and what the next 30 days look like. But I find all the things I miss I don t truly miss or crave, it s weird, it s more like I m in a habit of having them and when it s not there I m like, oh yeah, I don t eat that anymore.

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