Whole30 Round 2 – Time to make some long term changes

IMG_1769According to my Instagram account it’s been 86 weeks since I wrapped up my 1st run at the #Whole30, a successful experience overall. Much of this is thanks to my wife Kristen for doing it with me and because she did the majority of cooking and prep work involved in the meals.

Some of the positives included

  • Dropped 27 Pounds in 30 days
  • Stopped drinking soda and eating junk food
  • Didn’t drink alcohol for 30 days
  • Didn’t eat any sugar other than those found in fruits for 30 days
  • Felt much better
  • Developed some better eating habits and found new recipes we continued to use post #Whole30 


The Whole 30 was my no means any easy experience but overall I loved it. The food we ate tasted great, as noted above I felt better, I lost weight and changed a lot of my eating habits at least for a while. One of the more interesting experiences (captured in a pizza photo in the collage amongst my healthier photos) was doing the Peddle Pub while on the Whole 30. In case you don’t know what that is it’s a moving pub that you peddle from bar to bar while also drinking as you peddle. I had signed up to do this before starting or even thinking about the Whole 30 and well I didn’t want to let my friends down. As a result I am probably one of very small group of people to do the Peddle Pub stone cold sober drinking my Coconut Water and eating grapes from a bag if I remember correctly. The last stop was a pizza place and at that point I was done.

Over the course of the 30 days my wife and I stuck to the rules of the Whole30 and there were days where it was easy and others where at least I know I struggled to stick with it.

Post Whole30

Once the Whole30 was over I gradually went back to drinking beer and eating the foods I’d missed like pizza, hamburgers, taco’s, etc. I went a while before drinking soda and eating Doritos again but gradually I went back to my old ways. Over the next year and a half (or 86 weeks as Instagram indicates) I managed to gain the 27 pounds back I’d lost and I lost back along with another  10 to 15 pounds on top of that. No I am not going to tell you where that puts me but let’s just say it’s frustrating to know where I could be if I’d at least kept up some of what I learned on the Whole30.


Whole30 Round 2

In December of 2015 my wife who has already been working hard to lose weight and has been successful at it suggested we do the Whole30 again. I jumped at the chance but like any change such as this you often pick a date and like most people I still wanted to indulge on New Year’s Eve. We chose 1/1/2016 as day one, rather than sitting around lazy on New Year’s Day we would start on a 30 day voyage into healthier eating habits for the 2nd time. As of this post we are on day 2, so yeah we have a long ways to go.

Things I plan to do differently this time

  • Add exercise to the Whole 30, last time we had a new baby and so I didn’t spend a lot of time exercising during the 30 days. I’d like to start with 2 to 3 days a week and see where it takes me.
  • Talk more about the experience with others. Last time I kept the Whole30 to Instagram where at the time I had very few followers and I’ve found that talking about something like this can drive you to be more successful.
  • Not going back to soda and junk food after the 30 days are over. Sure post Whole30 a Cherry Coke might still be an option if I attend a movie but I can’t let soda, Doritos and other foods like that back into my everyday life.
  • Be realistic after the 30 days are up, allow myself to enjoy the things I like but in moderation. Saying I will eat like I am going to eat for the next 30 days for the rest of my life is unrealistic. The Whole30 long term at least in my opinion is not sustainable.

I believe overall the Whole30 is a fantastic way to jump start yourself into a healthier lifestyle. It’s not a gimmick diet, it’s about changing the way you eat, really looking at what you are putting in your body. Having been overweight most of my life I’ve never been successful at losing weight and keeping it off. Recently having turned 38 I’ve realized that I can’t sustain this lifestyle and be here for my wife and two kids. Eventually the poor choices will get the best of me so it’s time to change. I’m hoping this will be the 1st of many positive posts on this subject.



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